Reneco s.r.o

Reneco s.r.o. is an IT and process consulting company. We create, together with you, YOUR own computer system and custom procedures using proprietary algorithmic systems. Reneco is the ideal partner for analyzing and digitizing the processes of your company


Reneco consists of a group of European researchers with outstanding skills in process innovation. Their focus is on the research of the best support systems for companies wishing to study and apply metrics and algorithms to define structured processes of analysis and elaboration of industrial projects for themselves and their clients.

The support that Reneco offers is helpful to those who want to evolve their performance procedures through digital methods and proprietary and unique criteria … designed and implemented AD HOC.


Reneco studies the algorithms that best help its partners to design and write their own DOSSIER, their own elaboration programs, their own calculation systems.

The SKILL4TAX criterion, for example, deals with analyzing and helping in drafting the DOSSIER (or MANUAL) of European companies operating in the R&D (Research & Development) sector; it can also be used for TAX CREDIT. The criterion can be adapted to the specific rules and current laws of each EU country.

Instead, the SKILL4INSU criterion, deals with analyzing and reporting data about the many insurance companies according to their actuarial study so as to offer the most useful, required and focused coverage in a specific Country, in order to promote the applicability of the hedging and the risks assumed by the companies in that specific market.

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